Muscletronic Review

Muscletronic – Build Lean Muscle, Burn Extra Fat, Stay Focused

Muscletronic has been developed to help increase lean muscle mass, get rid of fat, and allow you to stay focused. These 3 factors are the most essential to any person who uses dietary supplements in their weight lifting routine. It is recommended for both ladies and men.

Muscletronic iGPC+ is quick and easy for the purpose of delivering a pre-exercise boost and helps the consumer to achieve optimal performance with no delay.

It is very important to have both body and your mind ready for a demanding training session. Lifting weight is intense work and final results may be affected negatively if you are not motivated enough. This is also an aspect where Muscletronic is able to help.

Muscletronic ReviewMain advantages of Muscletronic supplement:

  • Increases your strength and energy
  • Muscle building is faster and easier
  • Stimulates fat burning processes
  • Helps you stay focused and resolute
  • Faster and better recovery after training
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Side effects free

Potent Muscletronic Ingredients

The ingredients found in the supplement are the perfect mix of traditional body building substances that and some advanced nutrients and brain boosters.

Alpha-GPC (75mg): It has been known to be an excellent fat burner and has a reputation for delivering additional stamina and strength. Alpha-GPC is also used for improved drive and focus.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg): It is a substance that helps absorption of glucose inside your muscles. For this reason you will have more energy to workout all day along.

Citrus Aurantium Extract (100mg): It contains a stimulant known as synephrine. Synephrine has the proven ability to improve fat burning and provide more energy.

Build more lean musclesGolden Root (150mg): It is a respected stamina booster, but also can reduce stress and anxiety.

Forskolin Extract (250mg): It increases cAMP activity. cAMP reduces triglyceride levels, meaning it lessens the volume of fat your cells store. An investigation of Forskolin revealed it may considerably reduce fat and boost output of fundamental muscle-building hormone testosterone.

Moreover it enhances protein synthesis, helping the muscles recover and expand after your exercise sessions.

Forskolin unites powers with caffeine, which also surges cAMP levels, to offer you significantly better fat reduction effects.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): It works fast to deliver all the common caffeine benefits like energy, attentiveness, concentration, and so on.

L-Theanine (150mg): An amino acid often coupled with caffeine as it can reinforce its benefits. L-Theanine is a functional compound which can develop intellectual capabilities but also can provide increased physical power and endurance.

Vitamin B Complex (17.94mg): Your metabolism needs an adequate amount of B vitamins to keep it operating at maximum performance.

Piperine (6.66mg): A black pepper extract increases the absorption of other active ingredients. Stacking substances that reinforce each other and having them in the same formulation is just one of the factors Muscletronic can be so powerful.

How the Muscletronic is Designed to Work

The formula speeds up synthesis of proteins and secures the muscle tissues are nourished with the essential nutrients they need to work for a longer time and recover better and faster between sessions.

The formulas is also built to boost the fat burning capacity, support your system melt away calories better, and help you achieve leaner and more muscular look. It optimizes insulin sensitivity too, making energy to be forced to the muscles instead of accumulated as fat.

This supplement also includes nootropic substances to clear your head of depressing feelings and offers you better focus and drive.

Robert Romero

What a supplement! It never can be explained by the words. Surprising result in just 14 weeks.

I cycled Muscletronic and lost 25 lbs with healthy diet and regular exercises. Plus, my mental focus is better than ever!

Most definitely this supplement for people who would like to build muscle and become leaner.


Muscletronic iGPC+ works well for both men and women – it may be taken as a fat burner or may be used as an all-inclusive bodybuilding solution. It is well known for helping bodybuilders with muscle development by providing essential nutrients and improved mental concentration.

Muscletronic Side Effects

So far, no adverse side effects are reported among the consumers. The manufacturers keep their safety standards high and this supplement is produced in an FDA accredited laboratory.

Since it contains premium quality caffeine, we advise you do not use it with other supplements that contain caffeine, or else minor caffeine related reactions might possibly take place.

Make sure you talk to your physician before using any supplement if you are using any other medicine, you have an existing medical problem, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby.

Remember, stick to the guidance on the product packaging. It has a smaller initial 5 day dosing to ensure you become accustomed to the ingredients. Comply with that and you will make sure you are getting optimal results.

Muscletronic gives the best results in 10 to 15 week cycles. A break of 10-15 days is necessary between every cycle.

Where to Buy Muscletronic

Available for sale straight from the manufacturer’s website… a month package is priced at $57 and you will find some bundles available at reduced prices.

If you order 2 months supply you will get 1 bottle FREE ($113.00)

If you are looking for best buy go for 4 pack bundle… order 4 bottles and get another 2 FREE.. this come at a price of $227.00 – an amazing saving.

Each order comes with a 60 day guarantee and completely FREE shipping.

Buy Muscletronic

We have been blown away by the Muscletronics strength and usage of multi functional and synergistic ingredients. It is a well planned and prepared product and one that we are enjoying great results undeniably associated with the composition of the supplement.